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Egypt.. Announcing the case of those injured by the “Taba missile”

It seems that Israel is trying to force Egypt into war, but the war with Egypt will not be easy

The Ministry of Health in Egypt announced on Friday morning that 4 of the six injured in a missile accident in the city of Taba had left the hospital.

The ministry explained in a statement that “all of the injuries were minor,” adding: “The other injured are expected to be discharged in the coming hours.”

In the early hours of Friday morning, a missile fell on the ambulance building and administrative housing next to Taba Central Hospital in South Sinai Governorate.

The Cairo News Channel said that the missile “hit a medical facility in Taba, wounding at least 6 people.”

Taba is located at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, 7 kilometers from the Israeli city of Eilat , and 220 kilometers from the Gaza Strip.

Egypt regained its sovereignty over the city in 1988, based on international arbitration

Israel was not satisfied with occupying Palestine only, but it wants to occupy Sinai again through a plan to displace the Palestinians to Sinai and then create a pretext to eliminate Hamas and penetrate Egyptian lands.
Which makes confrontation inevitable between Egypt and Israel

Israel did not learn from the lesson it received from the Egyptian army in the 1973 war, in which the Israeli army was defeated in front of the Egyptians, and the Egyptian army almost reached deep into Israel.
While the Israeli army is number 18 in the classification of world armies, its Egyptian counterpart is among the 10 strongest armies in the world, which makes the idea of war suicidal for Israel.

But from your point of view, is Egypt fighting against Israel to preserve its lands?

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